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Chesil Factory-Built Speedsters: Over two decades of expertise . . . .
The Chesil has been at the forefront of the British specialist car industry for over twenty years.

When you buy a factory-built Chesil Speedster you will be the owner of a car that has been hand built by specialists in a long-standing and well-established business.

The skill, care and enthusiasm that goes into every factory-built Chesil Speedster is evident in every detail from its sparkling paint finish to the skilfully upholstered interior and specially tailored carpeting.

All these qualities in a Speedster that is not only the best available, but one that has been built for you, to your specifications.

Factory-built Chesils are available in three guises: the Speedster Classic with its authentic character; the Speedster Evolution, displaying a careful blend of classic and contemporary and the limited edition Speedster 2.

The Chesil range is supported by a comprehensive range of options and accessories. You can choose anything from a larger engine to a removable hard top, along with a multitude of detail accessories allowing you to personalize your Speedster and make it truly unique.

We also supply cars in left-hand drive for overseas customers.

The Chesil is a replica of a famous 2-seater sports car from the 1950s, and closely resembles the 1957 model year, its distinctive lines never failing to impress even non-car enthusiasts. Having driven both a Chesil Speedster and an original car, it is not surprising to learn that they both share the same origins. When the original manufacturer built his first sports car, he took parts from the VW production line. Chesil do the same.

As well as looking, sounding and driving the same as the original car would have, the Chesil Speedster incorporates several improvements which make ownership an even more attractive proposition. Upgrades in safety and performance can be found in the engine, electrical and braking systems, whilst a carefully considered improvement in interior comfort and accessory level creates a more practical car, without compromising its classic status.

The Chesil's GRP body construction ensures that corrosion will never be a problem, and owners can feel well protected within its integral sub-chassis, giving incredible rigidity and safety.

Customer support is a priority in Chesil's complete service, from initial advice to after sales back up, you can be sure of the support required to become, and remain, a satisfied customer.

The Chesil Motor Company proudly holds the position of being the leading Speedster replica manufacturer, whilst the Chesil Speedster has been described as 'a leader in its class and a proud standard bearer for the UK kit industry as a whole'. The Chesil has full IVA compliance.

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