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Chesil Full Rolling Chassis - Built to our highest standard....

For those who want the best possible basis for their Speedster, we offer our Full Rolling Chassis which can be supplied as either Swing Axle or IRS.

Your Full Rolling Chassis will be prepared to the highest specification using our full list of modification and preparation options. New parts are used throughout, except for the gearbox which is rejuvenated with new mountings, gaiters and oil seals (for gearbox options see below of right hand column).

We only build to one standard and the Full Rolling Chassis is used as the basis for our sought-after factory built Chesil Speedsters. Do not confuse our Full Rolling Chassis with similar appearance, but lower priced rolling chassis available elsewhere.

Full Rolling Chassis Specification:

*New front torsion beam including adjuster
*New steering box and drop arm
*New track rod ends
*New front brake disc assembly
*New wheel cylinders (rear)
*New cables throughout
*New rubber handbrake gaiter
*New pedal covers
*New "Baby Moon" hubcaps
*Reconditioned transaxle (gearbox) with new mounts and gaiters
*New steering damper
*New shock absorbers (F&R)
*New callipers and pads
*New rear shoes and fittings
*New marine grade floorboards
*New quick-shift gear lever
*New chrome replica wheels
*New floorpan gasket
*New inner and outer rear torsion bar bushes
*New steering coupling
*New brake master cylinder
*New rear brake drums
*New brake pipes and hoses
*New chrome handbrake lever
*New gear linkage
*New 195/60 15 tyres
*New body fitting kit

When basing your build project on our Full Rolling Chassis, you will require all of the following additional parts, which would have come form your donor car if you had started your project at that point. The following parts are from the earlier type swing-axle Beetle:

PETROL TANK - Standard type (not 1302/1303), to be connected to external filler pipe fitting kit (supplied by Chesil) and to external wing fuel flap.

STEERING COLUMN - reconditioned (single stalk or twin stalk columns from all Beetles except for the two-piece CV jointed column from the 1302/1303 Beetles can be used)

NEW INDICATOR & DIP SWITCH - to suit the single stalk steering column.

BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR AND HOLDER - New reservoir with dual chamber and low level warning light (IVA compliant) reservoir holder.

If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by telephone or e-mail. Please note that due to the volume of e-mail that we receive, we may not be able to provide you with an immediate response.


Full Rolling Chassis images

Example photos (gear lever not shown). Please note that engine shown is not included!

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Don't forget that we also supply new engines and gearboxes.

Our engines are built to special standards and are available in a number of capacities and outputs.

Our gearboxes are available with a high-ratio specification.

Please refer to the Options section of our Factory-Built pages for further details.

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