Factory-Built Chesil Speedsters

Hand-built in the Chesil works, the world-renowned Chesil Speedster is a specialist vehicle of the highest quality, and one that carries a long-standing reputation as a leader in its field.

Chesil's attention to detail and high standard of workmanship, along with an ongoing policy of development and improvement, has ensured the longevity of this timeless classic.

For further details of how we can build a Chesil Speedster for you, please visit the Factory-Built section of our website.

Chesil Speedster Kits

For the creative enthusiast we also make the Chesil Speedster available in kit form for home assembly. All of the components that we use to build Chesil Speedsters at the Chesil works are available for our self-build customers.

With the reassurance of full factory support and dependable parts supply, a Chesil self-build project is a superb option for those who like to get a little more involved with their vehicles.

For further details of our kit options, please visit the Kit section of our website.

Pre-Owned Chesil Speedsters

The Chesil Speedster is a sought-after marque which has created for itself a very buoyant market. As a result we often have pre-owned Chesils available for sale as part of our dynamic line-up.

All of our pre-owned Chesil Speedsters are prepared for sale according to our customary high standards. Where better to buy your pre-owned Chesil Speedster than from the very people who crafted it in the first place?

For further details of our current line-up of pre-owned Chesil Speedsters, please visit the Pre-Owned section of our website. Cars are often sold before we have the chance to advertise them, so if you are interested in buying a pre-owned Chesil, please contact us so we can add you to our contact list.

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