Chesil Pre-Owned Car Details

OPO 570J

Price SOLD (was £19,500)
Mileage 9,900
Colour Silver Green
Engine 2000cc water-cooled
Suspension Independent rear (IRS)
Upholstery Leather with new style seats
Seat Type Chesil, fully adjustable, including height adjustment
Seat Colour 'Vanilla' cream
Piping Colour Green
Carpet Colour Dark green
Gauges Cream faces with black numbers
Hood Colour Dark green
Rear Window Medium
Windows Wind-up
Extras Wind-up windows
Black & silver No. plates
Moto-Lita steering wheel
Radio/CD player

This Speedster is unusual as it is fitted with the 2 litre water-cooled engine, mostly fitted to the S2 special edition and from its condition mostly driven in dry conditions. It is sold fully checked and tested and comes with a 3 month warranty and 12 months MOT.
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