Chesil Pre-Owned Car Details

WEU 556L - Left Hand Drive

Price SOLD (was £19,750)
Mileage 5,854
Colour 'Speed' Blue
Engine 1800cc
Suspension Independent rear (IRS)
Upholstery Leather with new style seats
Seat Type Chesil, fully adjustable
Seat Colour Black
Piping Colour Black
Carpet Colour Black
Gauges Black faces with green numbers
Hood Colour Black
Rear Window Medium
Windows Wind-up
Extras 2+2 seating layout
Wind-up windows
External fuel filler
Heated windscreen Immobilizer
Hood cover (black)
Black & silver No. plates 'Classic' badging
Moto-Lita steering wheel

Please note that this car is left hand drive!
Copyright 2009 Chesil Motor Company